DGINS 2023 - Day 2 Programme (19 October)


Pre-Conference Networking (08:30h - 09:00h)

Tea/coffee on arrival

Session 3 (09:00h - 10:10h)

Data Environment

Session Chair/Panel Moderator: Jurate Petrauskiené (Director General, Lithuania)  

Keynote speaker: Geir Axelsen (Director General, Norway)see bio

Topic: Crowded data space. How do we coordinate across the range of actors in a collaborative and supportive manner? 

What role(s) should the NSI play – coordinator, data linkage and integration services, data rooms services etc

Role of other relevant Public Sector Bodies

How do we address the issue of the appropriate Division of Labour

Implications for the statistical system

Panel Discussion. Panellists: 

Tobias Thomas (Director General, Austria)

Tomaž Smrekar (Director General, Slovenia)  

Peter Pet’ko (Director General, Slovakia)  

Urmet Lee  (Director General, Estonia) 

Elena Manzanera Diaz (Director General, Spain) 



Morning Break (10:00h - 10:20h)

Tea/coffee, breakfast, etc. 

Session 4 (10:30h - 11:25h)

Next Steps

Session Chair/Panel Moderator: Joakim Stymne  (Director General, Sweden)  

At an EU level: 

What do we need to do? 

Who do we need to influence? 

How can we communicate? 

How can we use the strength of the collective voice of NSIs to instigate effective change? 

Panel Discussion. Panellists: 

Hrafnhildur Arnkelsdóttir  (Director General, Iceland) 

Atanas Atanasov (Director General, Bulgaria)  

Athanasios Thanopoulos (Director General, Greece)  

Aija Žigure  (Director General, Latvia)  

Dr. Áron Kincses (Director General, Hungary) 


Reflections on Day 2 (11:25h - 12:20h)

Session Chair/Panel Moderator: Serge Allegrezza (Director General, Luxembourg)  

Short Panel Discussion. Panellists:  

Geir Axelsen (Director General, Norway)

Mariana Kotzeva (Director General, Eurostat)

Athanasios Thanopoulos (Director General, Greece)

Joakim Stymne (Director General, Sweden)

Jurate Petrauskiené (Director General, Lithuania)



DGINS 2023 - Conference Close (12:20h - 12:30h)



The Restaurant (Clayton Hotel)


54th ESSC Meeting Start

Clayton Hotel, Lapps Quay 


Social Event

Bus leaves Clayton Hotel, Lapps Quay for Gala Dinner